Ashley Jean Granillo is a Mexican-American writer working as an adjunct instructor of English and Non-Credit English.


While she has her BA and MA in Creative Writing from California State University Northridge, she got her start as a writer at the age of five when she illustrated and published her first “book,” A SPECIAL TREE GROWS IN PACOIMA, through Telfair Elementary's Book Buddy program. She is an MFA candidate for UCR's Low Residency program.


When she isn’t writing, Ashley Jean assists her community by volunteering as a local artist for SCV's Sidewalk Poetry Project. She also reads fiction submissions and writes reviews for The Coachella Review. 



Image by Danielle MacInnes

Growing up, I never saw myself reflected in any medium. So, I took matters into my own imagination and made-up characters that reflected my experiences as a Mexican-American living in Southern California.


I am particularly drawn to quiet contemporary stories about girls who like to dream big, and who live in small Hispanic communities that most Americans have never heard of.

Because of my background in postmodernism, I gravitate toward decentering and destabilizing tropes in romance and other genres of fiction.

Additionally, I love to experiment with magical realism and surrealist elements, as well as utilize my background in poetry to bring musicality to my prose.