Ashley Jean is an adjunct instructor of English at College of the Canyons. While she has her BA and MA in Creative Writing from California State University Northridge, she got her start as a writer when she was five years old when she illustrated and published her first book, A SPECIAL TREE GROWS IN PACOIMA, through Telfair Elementary's Book Buddy program.


Since her first publication, she quietly pursued writing, experimenting with narrative structure in her fan fiction and haikus about cats. After graduating from college, she became a freelance music journalist and editor for a small, LA-based publishing company. The experiences as a woman in the music industry led her to her first novel, LOVE FROM THE BARRICADE.*


When she isn’t writing, Ashley Jean likes to express herself through music as a guitarist, pianist, and vocalist. Occasionally, she can be found skipping her way down Disneyland's Main Street, chasing each one of her new dreams.

*LOVE FROM THE BARRICADE is currently out of print.

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