"The Iowa Review encompasses texts of the America we assume we know—strong and prideful. Yet, I read about an America whose citizens felt a series of words not synonymous with “strong” or “prideful,” but with “confused” and “defeated.” These American writers (or are they? as some questioned) trudged through turmoil on both native and foreign soil, both within themselves and with the world to compose these words that form a nation of misidentification." Published in Newpages



"There is no greater gift than empowering a student to use their voice. Students are autonomous humans capable of providing a unique understanding about the world around them, and more immediately, their communities. Each semester, I guide them, as best as I can, to understanding the complexities of the world and its various discourses through literary theory — one of my passions. However, students are hesitant in engaging in the work required of them. Of course, they do not say this directly, but through the medium of the infamous site: Rate My Professor (RMP)." Published in The Start Up